Tourist Places

       1.Sarjekot Jetty:

Tourist Place - Sarjekot Jetty

Surrounded by water on three sides and land on one side, the Sarjekot jetty is filled with tall coconut trees on the side of the land. Watching the sunrise early in the morning from the jetty, gives a scenic look to the entire place. When the rays of the sun fall on you, you get warmth and a peaceful feeling all over your body. Apart from these, there is also a beautiful park nearby and a picturesque location called as the Mussels Point.

  2. Mussels point:

The north portion of the place has a big meeting of seas while the south has a small meeting place. East portion of the place has a creek while the west has deep blue sea that turns white when it crashes on the rocks. Apart from this, there are several mussel shells, crabs and jumping fish that you can find at this place.

3. Auro gardens:

Surrounded by the river on one side and sea on the other, the Auro garden is filled with Suru trees and Oon trees. There are several swing sets that fill the garden. The leaves from the Suru tree forms a bed on the floor of the garden and you can feel energized and cool, even if the outside temperature is hot. The speciality of the place is that, once inside the garden, you can enjoy the sounds of a Kingfisher bird sitting on the trees.

  4. Gopalkrishna Temple:

The Gopalkrishna temple located here is a famous temple that has lot of significance among the people. It is said that the temple gave shelter to people when their village was flooded after heavy rain. The deity residing in the temple is Lord Balagopal Krishna. He can be seen standing in the temple facing the east. Devotees who come to the place leave back with a sense of devotion and peace on their minds after having worshipped the Lord. It has been said that the face of the Deity in the temple is so calm that when a person looks at the face, he forgets all the pain and the troubles that had bothered him for so long.

 5. Gopalkrishna Island:

All kinds of water sport in Sarjekot can be found here at the Gopalkrishna Island. Many people flock to this place to take up these sports.

      6. Suvarna Kada:

Tourist Place - Suvarna Kada

This particular structure has been standing strong for a long time a now. Be it the rain, flood or any kind of natural calamity, this Suvarna Kada has stood as a protection for the village of Sarjekot. The Sunset point at this place is a beauty to visit. When you visit the place, you can enjoy the sunset and its vibrant colours in full splendour. As the sun sets slowly, the sky is filled with bright yellow, orange and red colours, which brings a huge smile on your face when you look at it. Apart from this, you also get to see several fishermen in their boats going for fishing.

7. Somavathi beach:

Somavathi beach Malvan

A well known name among the water sport enthusiasts in Sarjekot, the Somavathi beach is the best place to try out scuba diving. You can choose from various Sarjekot scuba packages once you land in this place.


8. Bhadrakali temple:

Bhadrakali temple - Revandi Malvan

Machindranath Kamli crossed seas to make the world know about the Malvani language and the speciality of the place. Thanks to him, the temple has received a world level recognition and several devotees visit the place from all around the world. Celebrations in the temple are done with great fervour.