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Our Snorkeling in Malvan courses are offered to all, irrespective of beings kids or adults. We at Sarjekot Kolamb Paryatan Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit ,Malvan  offer this as a first step towards exploring the boundless beauty of the sea. The entire experience, course or dive is guided by experts, managers and instructors who all make sure that you are safe and sound; experiencing the finest and the most thrilling watersports in Malvan of your life.

Experience a water sports in Tarkarli which is a unique underwater activity that is a great fun, indeed. We play an instrumental role in offering skilled and well trained guidance in order to make the divers feel comfortable a under the water. No matter how old are you, this is indeed an experience, so unique and thrilling, that you would certainly have some of the best moments with your underwater buddies!

Snorkeling in Malvan Snorkeling at Malvan