Located at a distance of 2.5 kms from Malvan Taluka, lies a quaint and picturesque village of Nirmal. The place has won several accolades for the simple fact that the place does not impose any form of tax on the people living in the place. Though the place seems to have a small expanse, 800 metres in length and 600 metres in breadth, its name is well known to the people in both the National and the International level. For people who do not know much about the place, you need to know that the place does not have any form of alcoholic beverages. Both the young and the old live in harmony over here. People living over here belong to the Warakri Panth, they are the followers of Vittal.


People coming over to this place do not have any troubles in finding a suitable parking spot and have full time access to clean drinking water. Lodging and changing rooms for both men and women can be found at Sarjekot, a village located at a distance of 2.5 kms from Malvan. The nearest railway stations to this place are Kudal, located at 28 kms and Kankavali, located at 50 kms. You can reach Sarjekot in Malvan within 3-4 minutes from the Malvan bypass.


Sarjekot in Malvan is an old place. The great king, Chattrapathi Shivaji, after building the Sindhudhurg fort, built the fort in Sarjekot for the then head of the village, Sarje Rao. Inside the fort, he built a palace, filled with all the amenities and gardens. This place is still visited by many, especially the couples, who make it a point to sit on the benches in the palace. After naming the jetty as Sarjekot jetty, the same was followed for naming the village and the port. This is how the place got its name of Sarjekot.


The rise of the Sarjekot jetty has now made it possible to open up opportunities for various water sports at Sarjekot. Water sports in Malvan has gained popularity, all thanks to Sarjekot. Apart from this, the village is brimming with a particular type of fish called as the Gilnet. The Government has opened up several auction markets for the fishermen of the village. They also have separate facilities to store the fish they have caught and the nets they use. After Sindhudhurg fort, Sarjekot jetty has several small and big boats, which are used by the fishermen.

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